Our Instructors

Our instructors hold perfect scores on the SAT/ACT, attended top universities, and have been through a 100-hour training program. They have rave reviews, and you can read about them below! 

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Dan lerman

Dan founded Latitude and has 11 years of experience in Test Prep. He has run 10 Testing Boot Camps, written a book on the ACT, and tutored over 300 students. He holds a BS from Duke University, an MS from Georgetown University, and is pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Science at Columbia University. He is also a trained improviser and stand-up comedian, much to the dismay of his students. John Mulaney of SNL once complimented Dan's iPhone joke, which was a major life highlight (for both of them). 


Beau Henson

Beau has been helping students prepare for standardized tests since 2008 and has guided over 1000 students to higher scores on the GRE, SAT, SHSAT, and ACT. His recent work includes co-running Latitude's ACT Bootcamp in London. He logged four appearances on Jeopardy! in 2012 and a $250,000 appearance on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2017. He has a BA from Vanderbilt University, and MS from University of Southern California, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Classics. 

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Alex holds a 100th percentile score on the SAT. Born in Brooklyn, Alex spent much of his childhood in Haiti and lived in Port-au-Prince until 2003, when he moved to the Boston area. He has tutored now for over nine years –starting with fellow students at Roxbury Latin and Harvard– and works to make tutoring a fun, productive, and empowering process that eases, rather than overloads, students’ already-demanding school days and application processes.


Matthew Busick

A Bay Area native, Matthew has been working at the intersection of learning and technology throughout his career. After studying history at Yale and a stint at Google, he spent over five years developing test prep materials and adaptive online courses for Knewton, both in their New York and London offices. He recently managed university partnerships for the student competitions platform Sqore, in Stockholm, and is now the head of implementation for the content recommendation platform Bibblio, in London.


Dylan NgUYEN

Dylan has a talent for quickly discovering underlying patterns in his students’ test-taking strategies and ultimately helping them break free from those habits. Dylan’s recent work includes teaching at Latitude’s ACT Boot Camp in London and working as a Product Manager at an early-stage tech startup in New York City. His interests involve the intersection between music and tech. He is currently a student at Stanford University, pursuing a BS in Symbolic Systems—an interdisciplinary major that bridges Computer Science, Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics.


Dali Adekunle

Originally from Ibadan, Nigeria, Dali is the Operations Director for Latitude Prep and has been working as a private tutor and educator for the past 6 years, specializing in SAT/ACT Prep, SSHAT, ISEE, and SSAT Prep, and Spanish subject tutoring.  She is a 2014 graduate from The University of Georgia in Romance Languages and Biology, and has had several years of tutoring experience in university, grade school, and foreign education settings. She speaks English, Yoruba, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently, and is currently working on French and Hindi. 


Connor Spencer

Connor Spencer graduated as valedictorian of his class at New York University, where he won departmental and college-wide awards for his writing and was a finalist for the Marshall Scholarship. Throughout his time as an undergraduate, Connor tutored students at NYU as a college learning assistant; he also served as a college counselor and SAT/ACT prep tutor for young people at The Door, a non-profit in downtown Manhattan that empowers young learners, artists, and activists.


Liz Velikonja

A graduation of Carleton College, Liz planned to be a conservation biologist--she worked on one between college and grad school and did some graduate work in Panamanian rainforests, but graduate school taught her that research was not her path, and by a stroke of serendipity, she ended up in a middle school classroom. Twenty-four years on, she has no regrets. She has taught more than 14 different courses spanning biology and chemistry, and is currently teaching Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn. 


Max Miller

Max is equal parts right-brain and left-brain. He has worked for the past five years as a software engineer at the education startup General Assembly, but his passions are psychology, human behavior, literature, and the arts. He holds a BA from Princeton University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work from NYU in order to become a psychotherapist. Since 2008, he has helped students succeed on the SAT, ACT, LSAT, and SHSAT tests in cities across the globe from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Salt Lake City to New York City. He also tutors students in web development.