Our rugby-style photo from a Boot Camp at St. Paul's School, London.

        Our rugby-style photo from a Boot Camp at St. Paul's School, London.

Studying for this test while off from school was the perfect decision. It gave me time to focus, reflect, and dramatically improve my score... and the teachers were brilliant.
— Will C., 2015 ACT Boot Camp



Our instructors hold 99.9th percentile scores, 10+ years of teaching experience, and track records of continual success. The most valuable piece of your training, without question, is the person who guides you. 

We know how to get results: our students have gained acceptance to Harvard, Duke, Princeton, UCLA, Yale, Stanford, University of Chicago, MIT, Caltech and more.

Read more about your instructors here. 



DIAGNOSIS & Improvement

Which test is a better fit for me? Diagnostic test for ACT / SAT (new-SAT, post January 2016)

Information on Extra Time Accommodations & Applications for each test

Sample Boot Camp schedule available here. 



Detailed reports

Every student receives personalized qualitative and quantitative data including:

Baseline Scores, objective measures of starting points on the test

Progress Through Week, objective measures of test scores as well as subjective measures of classroom performance 

Individualized Study Recommendations, offering concrete suggestions for improvement

Week-by-Week Checklist, to get you through test date

Sample Report available here. 

SAT/ACT Boot Camp - NYC - June 25-29
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